About Us

Christian Hasler and Helen Kim-Hasler are a team, both in life and in the creation of jewellery, and the strength of their unique partnership is borne out of their love for gemstones.

Having both graduated in 1991 from the Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica, Christian and Helen were quick to realize that a partnership that bridged their unique skills and appreciation for fine workmanship would allow them to create an exceptional brand under which they could create custom hand-made jewellery with a difference.

About Christian

Christian was born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland. Helen describes her husband’s contribution to their joint creations as a combination of “his Swiss rigor and typical European elegance.”

Christian’s qualities and style were largely influenced by the first five years of his career, during which period he gained a great deal of experience creating and manufacturing model pieces for companies such as Chopard and Piaget, after obtaining his Master Certificate with Honours from “Les Arts Décoratifs” of Geneva in 1986. Christian is Niche Award Finalist.

About Helen

Helen is a graduate of George Brown College’s Goldsmith and Jewellery Design programs in Toronto. Her creations and dedication to fine design have already been recognized through numerous prestigious prizes, including first place in the Editor’s Choice Award and De Beers’ Women Designing for Women competitions.

“Helen’s work is a unique mixture of oriental refinement with modern contemporary fashion,” says Christian when asked to describe his wife’s style of design.

Helen and Christian: A Life-long Partnership

Between 1996 and 1999 both Helen and Christian shared their passion for design at the Faculty of Creative Work of George Brown College in Toronto.

As testament to their skill and dedication to craftsmanship and design, they both won a De Beers Diamonds Today Award for their work—the first time this world renowned award has been given to a couple in recognition for their individual achievement. Since then they have received numerous other awards and recognition, including a Merit Award from the Rosen Group. The Royal Canadian Academy of Art selected their work for the Exhibition Arts 2000.

Since 1998, Helen and Christian have showcased their new collections every spring and Christmas at the One of A Kind Show and those seeking unique hand-made creations have been able to discover and share in their passion for design and quality.

Christian and Helen warmly welcome you to visit their studio showroom at 366 Adelaide Street East in Toronto in order to participate in a custom design process that will allow you, with their expert help and assistance, to custom make your own creations in silver, gold and platinum