Our Work – Our Commitment

We specialize in the creation of custom designs and bespoke remodelling projects. Our unique creations are proudly designed and handcrafted in our studio at 366 Adelaide Street East in Toronto, Canada.

We always collaborate with each customer in person, sharing our artistic vision, craftsmanship experience and gemological knowledge to create custom-made, exceptional and personal pieces of jewellery.

We custom make each ring or band to our customer’s requests or finger size, and artistically shape the ring for a perfect, yet comfortable, look and feel. We go to the extent of preparing custom, solid prototypes so that we can ensure all details are perfect in advance of creating the final ring. We never stop until our customers are fully satisfied.

Custom Designed

Helen and Christian are both fully qualified Graduate Gemologists and Diamond Graders (GIA).

We handpick the finest natural gemstones and diamonds available for our creations, and always help our customers to personally select the loose stones and diamonds that are right for their unique requirements.

We source all our diamonds from reputable and long-established dealers with whom we have had a relationship for over 15 years. All our diamonds are certified and 100% Conflict-Free guaranteed.

GIA Alumni

Sourcing the finest gemstones.

As gemmologists, our pursuit of the highest-quality and unique gems has taken us around the world.

One region of the world that we always enjoy visiting is Sri Lanka.

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 Carefully removing our customer's opal. Wanted to share the beautiful flames play of color of that stone. #recycling #handmade in #Toronto #precious #opal #customize #chhkhappycustomers #chhkatwork #chhkgems #chhkcreations  which one ? #sapphires #gemstones #chhkCreations
 It has been a while since we worked with Blue Zircon gemstones, we just acquired few, beautifully cut. Looking forward to work with them. #gemstones #chhkCreations #chhkatwork #chhkgems #blue #December