Colored Stones Sorting

We are often asked if we have a particular colored stone of a certain shape or color.

We usually reply that we may find it right away or in a couple of years.  As we say in the trade, it takes time to select or sort the right stone.

Since we bought our first stones at a gem show in California while studying at the Gemological Institute of America in the early 1990’s, our philosophy has always been the same: let’s begin by finding a beautiful stone that speaks to our hearts.  Eventually, such a stone will find its place in our collection or find that special someone who loves it as much as we did to commission us for a new creation.

Over the years we have accumulated a large collection of stones for our creative needs.

When designing, we look for the right shape, color and quality to create the unique pieces that make up our collection.  Sorting small stones takes time, and it can often take a couple of days for us to agree on our choices and progress with our selection.