custom hand engraved wedding bands

Our Weddings Bands - Precious and Symbolic

We always feel honored and humbled when a couple decides to ask us to prepare their most precious and symbolic object of their union. Our primary focus is on making a band you will love and feel comfortable to wear every day. Matching or non-matching, we always try to create a link between a set of bands. It could be with the finish texture or an engraving.

Our Wedding Bands are custom made for you

Our specialty is to be able to custom made each band to our customer’s requests for a perfect look and comfort. Especially for men, we go to the extent in preparing custom, solid prototypes to make sure all details are perfect.

A wedding band may be the most personal object you will ever have; our craftsmanship and experience will help you to ensure that the one you select or ask us to create is perfect for you.

Think about recycling gold for your bands.

If you have a piece of gold jewellery, especially if it is of sentimental value, think about recycling this gold for your bands. We are able and happy to do it; you will receive a credit towards your bands for the amount of pure gold we recycled for you.  Design consultation is free.

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