The warmth of old gold evokes memories of gifts or special purchases that need not ever go away. Recycling gold and repurposing rings offers an environmentally responsible and cost-effective alternative that lets you enjoy it for a lifetime.

As a precious metal and valuable commodity that has intrinsic worth in the marketplace, its desirable properties make it the most highly valued metal in the world. A treasure from the earth’s precious resources, it can enhance your life with joy.

Protecting Gold as a Resource

As artisan goldsmiths, we respect the uniqueness of gold by recycling and salvaging every bit of it. Filing dust, drill shavings, vacuum cleaner bags and filters that contain any particle of gold receive our intense examination to prevent any loss.

Your broken chains, bracelets, one remaining earring or a piece that you no longer care for can get a new life as re-purposed jewellery through our Recycled gold process.

While rare and very expensive, gold can recycle over and over without losing any of its luster, appeal or quality. The gold that adorned princes and potentates through the centuries retains the same purity as the latest pieces that please you.

Recycled gold offers an environmentally responsible and cost-effective alternative that lets you enjoy it for a lifetime.

Our re-purposed jewellery can let you wear pieces that you may have discarded, but our artistry breathes fresh life into them to give you a new interpretation of the beauty of old or discarded pieces.

The treasures that you may have forgotten in your jewelry box can become a lovely creation that brings delight to everyone.

Honoring a Fair Trade Policy

Our policy of dealing fairly assures everyone of our utmost honesty in every transaction.

Our skill as artisans allows us to create everything that we sell except chains and findings such as clasps and earring systems. Every piece that we recycle and repurpose carries our distinctive mark of originality and adherence to clients’ wishes.

We custom work jewellery to produce one-of-a-kind artistic pieces that draw admiration from everyone who sees them.

We take pride in our fair trade policy that honors the tradition of giving every customer full value for each purchase.


Recycled, repurposed gold by Christian Hasler & Helen Kim Creations

Understanding the Recycling Process

Our re-purposed jewellery protects the limited resource of gold and offers an advantageous opportunity for clients to enjoy the treasures that may have seemingly served their purpose.

In our hands, they take on a new ability to please you as they provide rich memories of how they came into your life in the first place.

Every piece that we receive goes through a melting and refining process to retrieve the pure gold content from the alloy that gives it a durable quality.

The first step in the procedure allows us to measure the carats and determine the purity of the gold in a piece of jewelry.

With an acid kit or our advanced equipment, we can assay the quantity of impurities.

A local smelting company that has provided us with reliable service for 20 years melts the gold at extremely high heat to refined the pure gold that used in the new alloy in our original creations.

Ensuring Respect for the Planet

All our work is done in-house, but we are not involved in the refining process.

We work only with companies who have earned ISO environmental certification. The complex requirements assure us of the quality of gold that we use in our Custom work jewellery.

We can provide documentation to support the ISO certification and discuss the process in detail with you during your design consultation.

Our company has remained at the avant-garde of eco-consciousness for 20 years.

We always welcome the opportunity to share our dedication to protecting the planet and our artistry in custom work jewelry with our discerning clients.


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