Wedding Bands Portfolio

We always feel honored and humbled when a couple decides to ask us to prepare their most precious and symbolic object of their union.

Our specialty is the ability to custom-make each band to our customer’s requests or finger size and shape the ring for a perfect, yet comfortable, look and feel.  Especially for men, we go to the extent of preparing custom, solid prototypes so that we can ensure that all details are perfect in advance of creating the ring. We never stop until our customers are fully satisfied.

  • chhkcreations_domino_bands

    Many variances of our “Domino” bands collection .
    Similar work available today in our showroom. Visit our Showroom.

  • chhkcreations_382_xxv_his

    White gold band with rough texture and symbolic grooves and brilliant cut diamond.
    Similar custom work available, contact us for a free design consultation.

Our primary focus is on making a band you will love and feel comfortable wearing every day of your lives together. Matching or contrasting, we always try to create a link between a set of bands; this could be achieved through the finish texture or complementary engraving.

A wedding band may be the most personal object you will ever have; our craftsmanship and experience will help you to ensure that the one you select is perfect for you.